There are two NZQA unit standards to complete to become a registered Child Restraint Technician.

Unit Standard 26556

The first requires you to demonstrate knowledge of child restraints to provide advice for installation, rental or sale. This is called the “knowledge competency”.  To complete this you will take part in a theory based workshop where you will work through the child restraint technician training manual and you will be given some practical instruction on installing car seats.

Following the workshop, you will be required to complete the theory test which can be done using your training manual for assistance.

It is possible to sit only this first stage of the qualification but it will not carry with it the title of Child Restraint Technician.  This first stage is appropriate if you only need to know how to select and advise on child restraints, rather than install them.  Until you complete both stages, you are not qualified to install car seats.

Unit Standard 26557

Once the knowledge competency has been passed you can then complete the second stage, which is called the “practical competency”.  This will involve training on the installation of car seats, a period of practice and finally a practical assessment.  If successful, this unit standard will qualify you to select approved child restraints for installation, rental or sale, and install them.

Having completed and passed these two unit standards, you will be a qualified Child Restraint Technician.

To maintain the qualification, your practical competency (Unit Standard 26557) will need to be reassessed every two years. 

If you have any questions, or would like to train to become a CRT, email Danielle at this link below or call on 021 271 8663.