Danielle first became involved with child restraints when she purchased the Auckland Central franchise of Baby on the Move.

Baby on the Move is a boutique retail store which specialises in the hire and sale of car seats.  Danielle became qualified as a Child Restraint Technician and went on to work closely with child restraints in the store every day for over 4 years.

In her capacity as the owner of Baby on the Move Auckland Central, Danielle would consult with families on their car seat requirements.  These requirements would differ greatly depending on many factors which had to be considered with each family.  Danielle needed to assess every individual family’s requirements to provide a solution unique to their needs.

Solving these problems for customers many times a day, as well as having relationships with child restraint suppliers, meant Danielle gained a wealth of knowledge regarding car seats and the New Zealand laws and legislation relating to these.

Early in 2016 Danielle became a Trainer/Assessor of Child Restraint Technicians as part of the NZTA CRT programme.  Since then she has been actively training CRTs throughout the country as individuals or for organisations who require CRTs on their staff.

Danielle chairs a child restraint expert reference group brought together by the NZTA.  The objective of this group is to have subject matter experts involved in projects relating to child restraints to ensure content and information provided to the public, and within the industry, is accurate.  She works closely with the child restraint team at the NZTA to achieve this.